January 20, 2012
A writer you should know: Elizabeth von Arnim

Currently in vogue thanks to a shout out from “Downton Abbey” - where her book was passed along as a sad attempt at flirtation.

Why she’s interesting:

—was married to a Prussian aristocrat she called the “Man of Wrath”

—lived in Pomerania

—later dated H.G. Wells after the death of her husband, then married Bertrand Russell’s elder brother, then dated a man 30 years her junior

—oh, and wrote terrific novels including “Elizabeth and Her German Garden” (as seen in DA), “Vera,” “Mr. Skeffington,” and “The Enchanted April”

[Thanks to this site for the facts]

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    I need to check her out. I’d love to read ‘The Enchanted April.’ The movie is one of my favorites.
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