October 20, 2012


Thought you might be interested in footage of the baby walrus in Brooklyn drinking from a giant baby bottle. Worth it x1000000000.

Well now I know who has the best job ever.

October 11, 2012
In case you need a break…

Photo by David Cruz

In case you need a break…

Photo by David Cruz


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May 1, 2012


The Rapper and the Stray Dogs of Detroit

Roaming dogs have been a part of the city of Detroit for a long time.

It’s estimated that the city has the most homeless dogs in the nation at anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000.  The city, the poorest major city in the country, has a hard time controlling the issue.

Many residents find that they can no longer pay to feed their dogs and just let them loose on the streets. A recent Rolling Stone article chronicled the issue in detail, along with the man who is on a mission to help the dogs and help his city.

keep reading (more photos of dogs, plus where to adopt here)

photos: An American pit bull mix found on the Eastside of Detroit, roaming dogs on the Eastside of Detroit, and Daniel “Hush” Carlisle with a rescued dog.

Love dogs? A great story.

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