March 13, 2012
"Internet con men ravage publishing"

"Put up paywalls on blogs, if you must blog, for pennies if that’s all the market will bear. But at least hold fast to the principle that writing is work, that writing has value, and that writers should be paid."

John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s in a long essay on the media and free online content that often slides into “Kids, get off my lawn!” territory

January 23, 2012
Publishers And Booksellers See A 'Predatory' Amazon

Booksellers and publishers are worried that Amazon is going to devour their industry. The giant online retailer seems to have its hands in all aspects of the business, from publishing books to selling them — and that has some in the book world wondering if there is any end to Amazon’s influence.

Publishers have a problem when it comes to discussing Amazon: They may fear its power, but they are also dependent on it, because like it or not, Amazon sells a lot of books. But lately, the grumbling about Amazon has been growing louder, with some in the book industry openly describing Amazon’s tactics as “predatory.”

A general updating for non-publishing people on what’s happening, with one infuriating line:

"But such devices might be too little, too late"

Why? Is the earth ending tomorrow? The media has to stop with the apocalyptic tone of their articles on the book business (NYT, I’m looking at you).

The business is changing and evolving, some areas faster than others, but there’s no sinking ship here.

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